Working at LWHC

Are you a GP who has an interest in women’s health?

The clinicians working in the LWHC are a group of GPs who have an interest in women’s health and have undertaken extra training in that area to enhance their skills. Most of us have worked in gynaecological clinics or family planning clinics whilst also working in general practice.

We have a strong commitment to working with GPs in our community and our aim is to provide either assessment or assessment and management of women’s health conditions whilst working in collaboration with their regular GP.

Clinicians working in the women’s clinic normally work one or two sessions per week around their other existing work commitments.

The services we provide in the clinic include can be found here.

Doctors need to have either recognised prior experience or DRANZCOG or FPAA SRH Certificate.

Doctors need to show a commitment to continuing education in women’s health by:

  • Completing a women’s health ALM – one every 12 months
  • Being part of Peer Group Learning led by the Clinical Director
  • Having their names listed on the AMS website as clinicians with an interest in menopause

All doctors working in the women’s health clinic are expected to be involved in providing MTOP and must complete MS 2 Step online training prior to commencement in the clinic.

The aim of the clinic is to provide a patient-centred care model using a multidisciplinary team where appropriate.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email or