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The clinicians working in the LWHC are a group of GPs who have an interest in women’s health and have undertaken extra training in that area to enhance their skills. Most of us have worked in gynaecological clinics or family planning clinics whilst also working in general practice. The aim of the clinic is to provide a patient-centred care model using a multidisciplinary team where appropriate.

Patients can self-refer but where possible we prefer a referral from a GP or Allied Health Professional (AHP).

We have a strong commitment to working with GPs in our community and our aim is to work in collaboration with a woman’s regular GP by providing either assessment or assessment and management of women’s health conditions depending on the referral request.

If you refer a patient please use our template and on there you will be able to specify what you would like for this patient – assessment and management or just assessment. We will send a letter back after we have seen your patient and will cc you into any referral letters that we might do so that you are aware of what is happening with your patient.

If we diagnose a condition for which a GPMP would be helpful then we will refer the patient back to you with a letter asking you to do a GPMP.

We work closely with AHP who have an interest in working in women’s health so we may make recommendations regarding AHP but of course, the decision of who you refer to remains yours. Doctors at LWHC can also participate in a Team Care Arrangement for your patient.

Clinicians working in the women’s clinic normally work one or two sessions per week around their other existing work commitments.

The range of services that we provide can be found here.

Referral Templates

Launceston Women’s Health Clinic – General Referral
LWHC Referral.rtf

Termination of pregnancy

Services available include non-directional pregnancy counselling, referral for surgical termination and provision of medication termination of pregnancy.

Medication termination of pregnancy (MTOP)

For women seeking an MTOP early assessment or referral is crucial. Medication can only be given up to 63 days gestation and it may take a couple of weeks for required investigations to be completed. There are 2 options for accessing the service at LWHC:

  1. The patient can self-refer, or be referred to LWHC for an assessment appointment at which time we will organise the investigations required and check suitability. If suitable, women will attend a second appointment at which time medication is prescribed.
  2. Organising the following investigation with a request for copies to come to LWHC will expedite the MTOP process.
    1. FBC, Quantitative HCG and Blood Group
    2. STI screening for chlamydia and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) (this can be a first pass urine for chlamydia and a self-collected lower vaginal swab (SOLVS)
    3. Ultrasound dating scan. Please advise patients to have the scan at, but not before, 6 weeks. A second scan is required if an intrauterine pregnancy is not seen.

A patient can make an appointment, or, on receipt of the referral, LWHC will contact the patient and make her an appointment. A referral letter is appreciated but not necessary.

All women have a follow up appointment to ensure that the MTOP has worked and to provide ongoing contraception where desired.

Funding is available through Youth Health Fund and Women’s Health Fund to support eligible women to access termination of pregnancy and subsequent contraception post MTOP. This can include IUD or Implanon insertion. LWHC can assist with the application process for financial assistance.

LWHC MTOP referral templates for Best Practice and Medical Director software can be found on the PHN Tasmanian Health Pathways site.

LWHC Patient Information on Medication Termination of Pregnancy – print this document to give to your patients.