WomanKind is the sister for-purpose organisation set up by Launceston Women’s Health Clinic staff.

Access to sexual and reproductive health for women is a fundamental human right. Social disadvantage greatly affects women’s access to health services, sexual health information and resources.

Our mission is to increase access to quality women’s health services, for women locally and internationally.

Staff are involved with WomanKind either by donating time (providing clinic services to disadvantaged local women) or money. Any donation you can make will greatly assist the Launceston Women’s Health Clinic provide support to our sisters in need.

Each year we have 2 focuses: one is a local cause and one is an international cause.

·        We are currently talking with Launceston City Mission and Northern Suburbs Community Centre to set up an Outreach clinic in areas of social disadvantage in Launceston.

·        We are raising money to support the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation. Our first goal is to raise $780 to stock a Hamlin supported midwifery clinic with medical supplies for one year. A secondary goal is to raise money to enable  a woman from a remote community in Ethiopia to attend midwifery training at the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa to take her skills back to her community. This training costs $4500 per person, per year, for a four year course.

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